Image courtesy of UNINETTUNO.

The telematic university UNINETTUNO will broadcast the 2020 edition of the e-World Marketing Summit through its online learning platform from 6 to 7 November.

The UNINETTUNO online learning platform will be the channel for the international broadcast of the e-World Marketing Summit 2020, which aims to create a better world through marketing and will take place from 6 to 7 November.

This conference has the capacity to host more than 50,000 users, and its main themes will be sustainable marketing, new technologies and ethical business in the post-coronavirus era. It will combine live streaming, on-demand educational videos and masterclasses based on Short Learning Programs.

Besides, more than 100 countries and 60 other renowned speakers are expected to participate in this event and, the event’s founder, Professor Philip Kotler, will guide them to share their ideas and experiences about this new reality determined by the pandemic.

Registration for the e-World Marketing Summit 2020 is now open and can be completed on the event page, where more information on the speakers is also available.