Discover the members of the Compostela Group of Universities. Below you can find information about the General Council and the Executive Committee and each of its members. You can also get to know our president and executive secretary as well as our office staff.

General Council

The highest decision-making body of the group composed of the full members.

Executive Committee

Responsible for the development of activities, assemblies, reports, programmes and budgets.


Representative for the relations of the group and for the convening and execution of the agreements of the general assemblies.

ENGLISH Profile picture of María Teresa Carballeira Rivera, executive secretary of the Compostela Group of Universities. ESPAÑOL Fotografía de perfil de María Teresa Carballeira Rivera, secretaria ejecutiva del Grupo Compostela de Universidades.

Executive Secretary

Main administrative and statutory support for the group.

Office Staff

Responsible for communication and secretary work located in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.