Compostela Group of Universities
at a glance


The Compostela Group of Universities (CGU) took its first steps in 1994 and has grown in size over the years, with members from more than 60 universities across the world having since joined our non-profit International higher education association.

Acting as a crossroads for all them, the CGU has become one of the largest such networks in Europe. As well as, being the dean of the international networks of universities with a global scope based in Spain.


All the members belonging to our network share the values of cooperation and integration developed around the Camino de Santiago. Honouring those values, the Compostela Group of Universities aims to foster collaboration and promote dialogue in all fields related to higher education. We are convinced that diversity and multicultural environments are the key elements in the profile of 21st-century universities.


In the year 2020, the CGU was recognized as an association of public benefit for its transparency in management, its active role in achieving excellence in higher education and its contribution to the dissemination cultural heritage through its activities and initiatives.