Image provided by the University of Zaragoza.

The University of Zaragoza, in collaboration with Santander Universities, publishes the 2022-2023 call for grants for Ibero-American and Equatorial Guinean students to pursue doctoral studies at this institution of higher education. 

The University of Zaragoza, in collaboration with Banco Santander, has launched for the academic year 2022 – 2023, the “Call for grants for Ibero-Americans and Equatorial Guineans in doctoral studies. University of Zaragoza – Santander Universities” (“Convocatoria de ayudas para iberoamericanos y ecuatoguineanos en estudios de doctorado. Universidad de Zaragoza – Santander Universidades”), leading to obtain the title of Doctor by the University of Zaragoza.

This university wants to expand and strengthen the relationships established with other institutions and universities, especially Ibero-American and Equatoguinean, contributing, in addition, to its institutional strengthening and to encourage graduates to access official doctoral studies at the University of Zaragoza. This call will benefit the work and performance for the future of doctorates and their countries.

One more year, the University of Zaragoza is considering the “Excellence Grants” (“Ayudas de excelencia”) modality, aimed at university graduates who have recently completed the studies that give them access to the PhD in a higher education institution in one of the countries that belong to the Ibero-American Community of Nations (except Andorra, Spain and Portugal) and Equatorial Guinea and that accredit a remarkable academic training in their area of knowledge.

Submission of applications

The deadline for submitting applications was extended until 26 April 2022. The conditions for the submission of applications, as well as the description of the program structure and the application form and annexes can be downloaded from the website of the University of Zaragoza.
The information provided on the website is in Spanish.