Photograph obtained from the agenda section of the Technical University of Cartagena.

The School of Industrial Engineering of the Technical University of Cartagena organises from 10 to 14 March the ‘Cloud Computing Weeks’ within the framework of its Industry 4.0 Master. 

The ‘Cloud Computing Weeks’, coordinated by the School of Industrial Engineering of the Technical University of Cartagena, will be conducted from 10 to 14 March 2022 within the Industry 4.0 Master.

This initiative includes the lecture ‘Technologies and Quantum Computation in Engineering’, which can be accessed today at 18:00 hours (Spanish mainland time zone) via Teams. This will be given by the expert in the field Javier Molina Vilaplana, who is currently developing a new line of research related to quantum technologies and, specifically, with the control of quantum systems. Besides, as a university professor, his experience focuses on the theory and control of systems.

As for the theme of the lecture, the event’s website explains that “quantum computing brings with it profound technological changes”, so that “it will once again change the current schemes and approaches, as it will be able to solve problems that are currently unsolvable”. “Quantum sensors are being developed with these technologies, which are extremely sensitive to physical magnitudes, detecting changes with very high precision, which will revolutionise metrology, scanning, navigation, computing, data analysis and artificial intelligence technologies, among others”, they point out.

A second talk, ‘Cloud Computing from a Business point of view’, will take place a few days later and will also be broadcast via Teams on 14 March at 18:00 (Spanish mainland time zone). The School of Industrial Engineering of the Technical University of Cartagena will publish the link to access the talk on its social media profiles.

On this occasion, it will be the cloud computing expert of the company INFORGES, José Antonio Sánchez Romero, who will share with attendees his experience and knowledge as a project manager of IT systems and communications networks.