Photograph by fauxels obtained from Pexels.

Students from the CGU member universities can choose between the 30 internship placements offered in four countries within the Stella Junior mobility programme.   

The Stella Junior mobility programme of the Compostela Group of Universities (CGU) attracts the participation of 14 member universities of the network for the submission of training placement offers for its 2021 call. These higher education institutions submitted 30 placement offers, of which 19 are for in-person and 11 for virtual mobility. Regarding the modality of the internships, the trend identified in the Stella for Staff programme continues, with universities in Europe preferring in-person exchanges while those in America opt to transfer them to the virtual sphere.

In the 2021 call, universities participating in this first phase of the Stella Junior programme are based in Spain, Mexico, the United Kingdom and the Republic of Serbia. Therefore, students from the CGU member universities will be able to choose between four different countries to complement their training, improving their intercultural and linguistic competences through this experience abroad.

Concerning the departments where the exchanges will take place, students have the option of selecting internationalisation, cooperation, engineering, animal science, biodiversity and environmental management, or marketing and communication areas.

The Compostela Group of Universities begins tomorrow with the publication of the internship offers on the programme’s webpage and makes available to students the electronic form for the submission of grant applications. However, students should take into account that new offers will be added over the next week, as the network is waiting for the confirmation of the drafts of some of them. The Stella Junior programme is open to the entire CGU student community, regardless of whether their home universities have joined in the first phase.

As for the grants, they are awarded by the CGU within the framework of the Stella Junior programme and the budget for this call is 3,900 euros, which will be distributed through individual grants until exhausted. In this regard, the guidelines specify that the financial allocation of these grants varies according to the modality of exchange. Thus, for in-person mobility, it is 600 euros each and for virtual mobility, it is 200 euros per grant.

Students can submit their grant applications until 16 April 2021 (12:00 PM GMT – noon) via the online application form. Periodically, the office of the CGU Executive Secretariat will review the applications received and notify if any additional documentation is required.

Once this process has been completed, the Selection Committee will evaluate the applications and designate the grant recipients. The Compostela Group of Universities will soon publish the composition of this commission on its website.