Photograph by fauxels obtained from Pexels.

Students from the member universities of the CGU have until 16 April to present their candidacies for the grants of the 2021 call for the Stella Junior mobility programme.  

The student body of the Higher Education institutions associated with the Compostela Group of Universities (CGU) can submit their application for the grants of the Stella Junior mobility programme until 16 April 2021 (12:00 PM GMT – noon).

For the 2021 edition, the programme has a budget of 3,900 euros, which will be distributed through aids until exhausted. In-person mobility has an allowance of 600 euros each while virtual has 200 euros.

Regarding the options for mobility, students can choose between the 30 internship placements offered in four countries by 14 member universities of the CGU. Of these offers, 18 are for in-person and 12 for virtual mobility.

In the guidelines for the Stella Junior programme call, the documentation that must accompany the application is specified. Besides, the CGU reminds them that applications must be submitted in English and using the electronic form in order for them to be accepted.