From left to right, Carla Martins and María Teresa Carballeira Rivera.

The Compostela Group of Universities attends the Annual Advisory Forum on Cultural Routes, organised by the Council of Europe on 5-7 October 2022 in the Greek city of Chania.

The Executive Secretary of the Compostela Group of Universities (CGU), María Teresa Carballeira Rivera, and the member of the GCU Executive Committee Carla Martins concluded today their participation in the 11th Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe Annual Advisory Forum. The Hellenic city of Chania hosted the event on 5-7 October 2022, whose theme focused on safeguarding European values, heritage, and dialogue.

The forum’s programme included panel discussions, thematic sessions, and the certification ceremonies of the Council of Europe’s new cultural routes. As the organisers explain on their website, the event was “an opportunity to underline the growing relevance of the Council of Europe’s Cultural Routes methodology and practices for the promotion of European cultural heritage and intercultural dialogue”.

During the meeting, the CGU representatives explored ways of collaboration to increase the initiatives included in the Compostela Academy on the Camino. They also presented the results of the research work of the CAMIÑOLAB II project. A project funded by the Axencia Turismo de Galicia in the framework of a call for grants for entities whose purpose is the promotion of the Camino de Santiago and its pilgrimage.

The collaboration of the CGU with the European Institute of Cultural Routes

It should be recalled that, following the signature of an agreement with the European Institute of Cultural Routes in 2019, the association has developed different activities and interdisciplinary studies on cultural routes in the field of higher education, such as the projects Linking university knowledge on the Camino or WithArt on the Camino. Besides, the CGU is a member of the Network of Universities on Cultural Routes Studies.