Photograph by fauxels obtained from Pexels.

The Stella Junior programme, which aims to make it easier for students from member universities to carry out professional stays abroad, integrates virtual mobility into the 2021 call.  

The Compostela Group of Universities (CGU) has launched today a new call for its Stella Junior student mobility programme, in which the main novelties are the incorporation of the virtual modality and the change in the issuing of the Stella Junior certificate.

The network’s member universities will determine whether to offer face-to-face or virtual mobility, at the time they submit their internship offers and based on the recommendations of the health authorities. These offers must be submitted using the form available on the Stella Junior programme page and they have until 5 March 2021 (12:00 PM GMT – noon) to do so.

To speed up the implementation of virtual mobility, the CGU will integrate in the coming months a specific tool in its social network Composnet, through which these online stays must be carried out.

Furthermore, in this call, the Compostela Group of Universities will be in charge of providing the Stella Junior certificate to students. Once the internship has been completed and the supporting documentation for the payment of the grant has been approved, the recipients may request the issuance of the certificate by the Executive Secretariat.

Stella Junior grants 2021

Unlike Stella for Staff, in Junior, all students from the member universities can apply for a programme grant, as it is not required that their home universities have offered a placement offer.

The budget allocated to grants in the 2021 call is 3,900 euros, which will be distributed through the individual grants until it is exhausted. The grants for in-person mobility will have a budget of 600 euros each, while for the virtual modality it will be 200 euros per grant.

Candidates will be able to submit their applications for grants after the publication of the placement offers on the website of the Compostela Group of Universities, which will take place in the week following the deadline for submission of these by the universities.

All the information about the deadlines, the documentation and the guidelines of the call are available on the Stella Junior programme page on the website of the Compostela Group of Universities.