Photograph by ThisIsEngineering obtained from Pexels stock photos.

The Compostela Group of Universities invites researchers from the higher education institutions affiliated to the network to submit their applications for its V Research Pitches Contest. 

The Compostela Group of Universities (CGU) has launched today the call for its V Research Pitches Contest, in which it encourages doctoral students and researchers from its member universities to submit their applications by 7 April 2021 using the electronic form available on the page of this activity. On this same page, they will find the call, which details the documentation that must be sent for registration and information on the requirements that must be met by their pitches.

With regard to the signature of the letters of support, the Executive Secretariat requested its member universities to designate a person to sign the letters of support, which have to be included in the candidates’ applications. The delegates of the institutions affiliated to the network have until mid-January to respond to this request.

As in previous editions, three prizes will be awarded to those candidates who in the pitch best manage to communicate the relevance of their project and its contribution to society. These prizes have an economic endowment of 1,000, 600 and 300 euros gross. Besides, the winners will receive a diploma of recognition and have the opportunity to express their gratitude at the XXVII General Assembly of the Compostela Group of Universities, where the winning pitches will be screened.

The candidatures submitted to the V Research Pitches Contest of the Compostela Group of Universities will be evaluated by a jury composed of the President, Marek Kręglewski; the Vice-President, Inmaculada Fortanet, and the Executive Secretary of the CGU, Teresa Carballeira Rivera. The three members of the network’s member universities who took part in the last edition will also be invited to renew their participation, as they are appointed biennially. Thus, the composition of this jury will be made public on the website well in advance.