Stella for Staff programme

The professional mobility programme for services staff of the Compostela Group of Universities, Stella for Staff, fosters intercontinental exchanges for the workforce of the CGU and CONAHEC member universities. A connection to learn how they work in the different departments of the universities participating in the programme and to live a multicultural experience, through short stays in other higher education institutions from our network and CONAHEC.

In 2002, the programme was born as an initiative to offer administrative staff the same opportunities available to students and teaching staff at that time. Since its launch, more than 400 administrative staff from the CGU and CONAHEC networks have participated in the professional exchanges.

Once a year, our network disseminates a call for applications for grants and mobility under the Stella for Staff programme. Only services staff from the CGU member universities can apply and receive a grant.


Supporting the upskilling of the CGU member universities staff

Facilitating professional intercontinental mobility

Target group and requirements

The CGU and CONAHEC member universities and their services staff can participate in this mobility and training programme. Only staff from universities that have offered at least one placement for the current call will be eligible for mobility.

Services staff must have an employment relationship with their home university at the time of the mobility.

Mobility period and area

In-person mobility must last a minimum of seven and a maximum of 15 working days. The mobility action must start in 2022.

Some universities would allow those who take part to choose the period of mobility, while others would detail a specific one. They will also define the areas or departments in which they offer the placements.

All this information will be available to applicants in the placements offers.


  • 22 April 2022 (12:00 PM GMT – noon). Deadline for the submission of the placement offers by the universities.
  • Week of 25 to 29 April 2022. Publication of the placement offers.
  • 27 May 2022 (12:00 PM GMT – noon). Deadline for the submission of the applications by the services staff.
  • June-July 2022. Publication of the resolution.
  • August-December 2022. Eligible for the mobility period.
  • December 2022. Justification and end of the activity.

Grants and funding

The economic allocation of the call is 16,000 euros, which will be distributed through individual grants until the budget is exhausted.

Grants for in-person mobility will have an economic allocation of 1,000 euros each.

Documents to be submitted

First, all services staff and member universities interested in taking part in the programme must read the guidelines for the call carefully.

Guidelines for the Stella for Staff’s programme 2022 call. 


      On our website, the documentation is available in PDF format, but the person designated as CGU delegate or coordinator of the Stella programme at your university has received a link to access a folder containing the documentation in Word format.

      1. The universities willing to join the programme may send their list of placement offers for the call through the online placement offer form. This form must be compulsorily filled in online and in English for the offer to be accepted.

      If a university wants to submit more than one offer from different departments, it must fill in one offer form per department.

      Online placement offer form. Closed call.

      To solve the most common doubts that arise when filling in this form, the CGU has prepared this guide for you to consult.

      Guide of the placement offer form. 

      2. If the selection committee chooses a person to conduct the mobility in your university, we will inform you. Then, s/he will contact the person responsible for it to agree on the mobility period and prepare a work plan.

      3. Once the mobility has ended, the person responsible for it has to send the final host department’s report to the CGU.

      Final report host department.

      To answer the most frequent questions raised when filling in this report, the CGU has prepared this guide for you to read.

      Guide of the final report host department. Available soon.


        On our website, the documentation is available in PDF format, but the recipients of the grants will receive a link to access a folder containing the documentation in Word format, after confirming their acceptance.

        1. Check the placement offers from the CGU and CONAHEC member universities published on this page, to determine if there is one that interests you to develop new skills and exchange best practices.

        2. Submit your application via the online form. Review the guidelines to check the documentation that you have to include in your application and do not forget to add the declaration of responsibility too.

        Declaration of responsibility.

        Declaration of responsibility.

          Online application form.

        3. If the selection committee awards you one of the Stella for Staff programme’s grants or mobility, you will receive a message from the CGU to inform you, in the email address that you provided in your application. In the guidelines for the call, you will find more information about the steps to be taken to accept it and the period you have.

        4. If you accept the grant or mobility, the CGU will provide you with the contact details of the person responsible for it in the host university. You have to contact him/her to coordinate yourselves, in order to send us by email the mobility agreement and the work plan. This documentation must be sent before the start of the stay and must comply with the guidelines of the call.

        Mobility agreement.

        Work plan.

        5. Once the mobility has concluded, you must send the supporting documentation detailed in the guidelines, by email to the CGU. Among them, it is the personal final report and the agenda.

        Personal final report.


        To solve the most common questions that arise when filling in this report, the CGU has prepared this guide for you to consult.

        Guide of the personal final report. Available soon.

          Placement offers for the 2022 call

          Discover the placement offers sent by the various departments of the CGU and CONAHEC member universities.

          Announcement 29/04/2022 – Some departments have not yet confirmed the drafts of their placement offers, so new offers will be published later this week. For this reason, the CGU recommends you wait a few days before submitting your application.

          Announcement 05/05/2022 – Some departments have not yet confirmed the drafts of their placement offers. We hope to be able to complete the publication of all offers between tomorrow and next Monday 9 May.

          Announcement 11/05/2022 – Some departments have not yet confirmed the drafts of their placement offers. Tomorrow all the placement offers will be published on our website.

          Announcement 12/05/2022 – All the placement offers confirmed in due time and form are published. We apologise for the delay in the process. 


              Placement offer AMU01 2022.


                Placement offer UADEC01 2022.

                  CADIZ UNIVERSITY

                  Placement offer UCA01 2022.

                  Placement offer UCA02 2022.

                    CETYS UNIVERSITY

                    Placement offer CETYS01 2022.

                    Placement offer CETYS02 2022.

                    Placement offer CETYS03 2022.

                      JAUME I UNIVERSITY

                      Placement offer UJI01 2022.

                      Placement offer UJI02 2022.

                      Placement offer UJI03 2022.

                        LODZ UNIVERSITY

                        Placement offer LODZ01 2022.


                          Placement offer NWTC01 2022.

                            PAN-EUROPEAN UNIVERSITY

                            Placement offer PAN01 2022.


                              Placement offer UPC01 2022.

                                TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF CARTAGENA

                                Placement offer UPTC01 2022.

                                  TECHNOLOGICAL INSTITUTE OF SANTO DOMINGO (INTEC)

                                  Placement offer INTEC01 2022.


                                    Placement offer UNESP01 2022.


                                      Placement offer UNIVALLE01 2022.

                                      Placement offer UNIVALLE02 2022.

                                      Placement offer UNIVALLE03 2022.

                                      Placement offer UNIVALLE04 2022.

                                        UNIVERSITY BUSINESS ACADEMY IN NOVI SAD

                                        Placement offer NOVI01 2022.

                                        Placement offer NOVI02 2022.

                                          UNIVERSITY OF A CORUÑA

                                          Placement offer UDC01 2022.

                                          Placement offer UDC02 2022.

                                          Placement offer UDC03 2022.

                                            UNIVERSITY OF LEON

                                            Placement offer ULE01 2022.

                                            Placement offer ULE02 2022.

                                            Placement offer ULE03 2022.

                                              UNIVERSITY OF MALAGA

                                              Placement offer UMA01 2022.

                                                UNIVERSITY OF MONTERREY

                                                Placement offer UDEM01 2022.

                                                Placement offer UDEM02 2022.

                                                Placement offer UDEM03 2022.

                                                  UNIVERSITY OF OVIEDO

                                                  Placement offer UNIOVI01 2022.

                                                    UNIVERSITY OF PÉCS

                                                    Placement offer PTE01 2022.

                                                    Placement offer PTE02 2022.

                                                      UNIVERSITY OF PIURA

                                                      Placement offer UDEP01 2022.

                                                        UNIVERSITY OF REGENSBURG

                                                        Placement offer UR01 2022.

                                                          UNIVERSITY OF VIGO

                                                          Placement offer UVIGO01 2022.

                                                          Placement offer UVIGO02 2022.

                                                          Placement offer UVIGO03 2022.

                                                          Placement offer UVIGO04 2022.

                                                            Experiences of participants and universities

                                                            Quotes from participating universities and staff

                                                            It can sometimes be difficult to condense the experience of the professional exchange days into a few words. However, the higher education institutions and their staff accepted the challenge, to sum up, their memories in one sentence. 

                                                            “The Stella for Staff programme helped me to improve my professional technical skills”

                                                            Bruno Raimondo of University Kore di Enna (Italy)

                                                            “I’d like to repeat the experience since I think that it is the best way to promote the understanding among universities”

                                                            Vera Redrupova of Masaryk University, Brno (Czech Republic)

                                                            “It’s a really enriching experience. Apart from learning how universities of far away countries manage departments similar than yours, the cultural exchange contributes to find new links for collaborations and relationships…I’m very happy to participate in this programme”

                                                            Rosa Ana Rojas of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (Peru)

                                                            “An excellent way to exchange information and establish new links”

                                                            Fredik Carlén, Karlstad University (Sweden)

                                                            “I believe the mobility programme to be highly positive, as it allows service staff to get to know the reality of management in other universities and exchange professional experiences by providing know-how  on our work areas”

                                                            Francisco Colomer of University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain)

                                                            “These training opportunities help our staff to improve their professional and also personal skills”

                                                            University of Malta (Malta)

                                                            “Number of grants should be even more!”

                                                            University of Hamburg (Germany)

                                                            “Stella for Staff is the best pilot programme that the Erasmus non-academic staff mobility project has ever had’”

                                                            University of Cadiz (Spain)

                                                            “Stella for Staff enriches our staff culture and opens up new points of view and opportunities to improve our daily work”

                                                            University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain)

                                                            Experiences on video

                                                            In these videos, service staff from the member universities of the Compostela Group of Universities share their experiences in our network’s Stella for Staff programme. These people are the best ambassadors of the programme, as they can testify to the personal and professional enrichment that their intercontinental experience has brought them.

                                                            Previous calls