Phases of the Stella for Staff programme

The Compostela Group of Universities wants to be your guide through the different phases of Stella for Staff. The three main phases of the programme are the submission of applications, mobility and the submission of the supporting documentation. In this last phase, we will ask both the services staff and the staff of the host institutions to share their experiences with us, to know the positive aspects and those to be improved.


Institution endorsement

Phase 1

Submission of the placement offer

CGU and CONAHEC members willing to join the programme may send their placement offers for the call by 22 de January 2024 (12:00 PM – noon. Peninsular Spanish time), through the online placement form.

Online form. The call for the submission of the placement offers is closed.

To solve the most common doubts that arise when filling in this form, the CGU has prepared this guide for you to consult.

Guide of the placement offer form.


Phase 2

Designation of the coordinator

Member institutions willing to centralise the coordination of the programme in an internal unit must communicate it to the CGU and appoint a coordinator through the communication of the coordinator form.

The CGU’s delegate will send it by email to the CGU’s Executive Secretariat. 

Template communication of the coordinator form.

Staff applications

Phase 1

Publication of the placement offers

The placement offers available for mobility in 2024 are published here.


Phase 2

Applications for mobility

Staff from the CGU and CONAHEC members endorsing the 2024 call of the programme can submit their candidatures through the online application form, which will be available until 19 March 2024 (12:00 PM – noon. Peninsular Spanish time).

Template for the declaration of responsibility.

Template for the declaration of responsibility.

The application deadline has passed.

Guide of the application form Stella for Staff 2024.


Selection of mobility

Phase 1

Announcement of the Selection Committee

The composition of the Selection Committee will be made public on the webpage of the Compostela Group of Universities.


Phase 2

Meeting of the Selection Committee

The members of the Selection Committee will meet online in April-May 2024 for the allocation of mobility and awarding of grants.

The resolution will be published containing the ordered list of the beneficiaries of the mobility grants and five alternates will be designated. It will also feature those beneficiaries of mobility without a grant from the CONAHEC network.


Phase 3

Acceptance of mobility

The selected staff will receive a message from the CGU asking them to accept the mobility within 10 calendar days, counted from that communication.


Carrying out the professional exchange

Phase 1

Preparing for the exchange

Staff accepting the exchange will receive the contact details of the person in charge of their mobility at the host institution so that they can fill in the mobility agreement and the work plan for their stay. These documents must be submitted to the CGU before mobility starts. 

Template for the mobility agreement. 

Template for the work plan. 


Phase 2


The mobility action must start in 2024.


Supporting documentation

Host department

Single step

Evaluation of the experience

The host departments must send the final host department report to the CGU to share their experience within the programme.

Template for the final host department report. 

To solve the most common doubts that arise when filling in these forms, the CGU has prepared the following guides for you to consult.

Guide for the host department final report. 

Services staff

Phase 1

Supporting documentation

The staff from the CGU member institutions must submit the supporting documentation to the CGU, which is detailed in point 6.1 of the guidelines for the 2024 call.

  Template for the personal final report.

  Template for the agenda.

To answer the FAQs about the final personal report, we have prepared a short guide.

Guide for the personal final report. 


Phase 2

Requesting the Stella for Staff certificate

The CGU member institution’s staff can request the Stella for Staff certificate once the mobility has been completed and the supporting documentation approved.