Pontifical Catholic University of Peru

Avenue: Universitaria cdra. 18 S/N
City: San Miguel, Lima – 32
Country: Peru
Phone: +51 (51) 626 2000
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History and objectives

It was founded in 1917 as catholic university. It was classified by law in 1949 in the category of national universities and entitled to award degrees and titles under the same conditions. In 1942 received the honorary title of Pontifical University by the Vatican. In 1969 was reorganized and the faculties were replaced by major academic programmes. An Episcopal Council presided over by the Archbishop or Lima, Grand Chancellor of the university, has been established by decree of the Sacred Congregation of Seminaries and Universities.

Governing team

University Assembly and University Council.


Campus of Lima.

International programmes

  • Students’ Mobility Programme-CINDA.
  • Collaboration with the Spanish Agency of international Cooperation-AECI.
  • Carolina Spanish Foundation.
  • Keoogg Institute-Visiting Fellowship 2004-2005.
  • Senior Specialist Fulbright Programme.
  • DAAD Programme, Argentinean Found of Horizontal Cooperation-FOAR.
  • Regional Programme of University Nets of Cooperation-PREFALC (France-Latin America-Caribbean).
  • Member of Coimbra Group and CGU.


From March to December (March-July, August-December).


  • Accountancy.
  • Art.
  • Communication Arts and Sciences.
  • Economics.
  • Education.
  • Humanities.
  • Law.
  • Engineering.
  • Social Sciences.
  • Institutes of Computer Science.
  • Corrosion and Protection.
  • Environmental Studies.
  • European Studies.
  • languages and Quality.
  • Centres of Andean Ethnomusicology.
  • Applied Geographical Research.
  • Continued Education.
  • Cultural Studies.
  • International Studies.
  • Languages.
  • Manufacturing Technologies.
  • Music and Dance.
  • Oriental Studies.
  • Social, Economic, Political and Anthropological Research.
  • Study and Diffusion of Latin American Music.
  • Technological Services and Technology Transfer.
  • University Education.


  • General Studies Programs: last approximately two years.
  • Undergraduate level (Bachelor’s degree and professional titles): last approximately three years.
  • Postgraduate level (Doctor’s and Master’s degrees): each degree last approximately two years.
  • Schools and areas of Specialization.
  • Fine Arts: Painting, Sculpture, Engraving, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Art Education.
  • Management and Accounting.
  • Business and Top Management (as of 2007).
  • Science and Engineering: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mining Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering.
  • Social Sciences: Anthropology, Sociology, Economics, Political Sciences.
  • Law.
  • Arts and Humanities: Archaeology, Information Science, Philosophy, Geography and Environmental Studies, History, Linguistics and Literature, Psychology.
  • Communication Sciences: Audio-visual Applied Communication Arts and Sciences, Journalism, Advertising, Principles of Arts, Developmental Communication.
  • Architecture and Urbanism.
  • Education: Pre-School Education, Elementary Education.
  • Postgraduate School – Areas of Specialization.
  • Doctorate of: Law, Anthropology, Philosophy, Mathematics.
  • Master of: Anthropology, Political Science, Computer Science, Communications, Law with mention in Civil Law, Law with mention in Constitutional Law, Law with mention in Entrepreneurial Law, Regulation of Public Services Specialty, Entrepreneurial Management Specialty, Law with mention in International Economic Law, Law with mention in Jurisdictional Policies, Law with mention in Criminal Law, Law with mention in Procedural Law, Environmental Sciences Economics, Education in Physics, Social Management, Educational Administration, Economics and Labor Relations, Education with mention in Educational Management, History with mention in Latin American Studies, Education in Chemistry, Bio-medical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Control and Automation Engineering, Engineer of Material Resources, Latin American Literature, Mathematics, Psychology with mention in Clinical Evaluation, Chemistry, Sociology.