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SK-821 02 Bratislava
Country: Slovakia
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History and objectives

Paneurópska vysoká škola / the Pan-European University (PEU) was founded in 2004 as a private educational establishment that initially carried the name – Bratislavská vysoká škola práva (Bratislava University of Law).Already in 2004 the newly established private HEI – the first private Slovak university to provide a degree in law – accepted its first-year students. In 2005 the Faculty of Economics and Business was established. The Faculty of Mass Media, the third academic division established in 2007, expanded the educational portfolio to the area of studies in media and communication. The Faculty of Informatics was created in 2009. The Faculty of Psychology became the youngest faculty in 2011.

The development of the Pan-European University has been dynamic from the very beginnings. This can be proved by the range of programmes offered on all three levels of studies (bachelor, masters and doctorate) within a total of 14 accredited academic programmes. While some 500 students were enrolled at the Faculty of Law in its first year of existence; today there are more than 5.000 students at the five faculties. The common indicator of all the Faculties is creativity; the University aspires to promote this approach further, to support the search for new solutions, analytical thinking and thus preparing the students for their future profession, which will require effective and right solutions and decisions. The students can verify their knowledge in modern textbooks, laboratories and studios; they participate in bilingual lectures and draw information from bilingual books published by the university.


The University has its premises in Slovakia and its offices also in the Czech Republic (Brno, Prague and Ostrava).

Governing team

Chairman of the Governing Board and the founding organisation are the statutory bodies of PEU.

The Rector of the University is the highest academic official. The Rectorate is composed of a Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, a Vice-Rector for Science and Research, a Director for International Affairs and the Directorates for Financial Management, Marketing and PR and Human Resources.

The bodies of academic self-governance are the Academic Senate, the Scientific Council and the Disciplinary Board of PEU.

International programmes

The University is actively participating in educational and research programs of the National Ministry of Education, as well as in European Union funded programs (Jean Monet, Lifelong Learning Program, etc.).

The University offers its fully English taught program in International Business since the academic year 2013/2014.


Winter semester from late September/early October to January.
Summer semester from late January/early February to June.


  • Faculty of Law.
  • Faculty of Economics and Business.
  • Faculty of Mass Media.
  • Faculty of Informatics.
  • Faculty of Psychology.

Other institutional units

  • Library.
  • Centre of Knowledge Transfer.
  • Pan-European Centre for Postgraduate Education.


  • Law (Bc., Mgr., JUDr., PhD.).
  • Economic and Business (Bc., Ing., PhD.).
  • Mass Media (Bc., Mgr., PhDr., PhD.).
  • Informatics (Bc.).
  • Psychology (Bc., Mgr., PhDr., PhD.).