Photograph of Luis Quintero obtained from Pexels stock photos.

Research staff will be eligible for grants to facilitate the presence of international experts.

The Institute of History of the University of Lodz will host the 8th International Research Conference ‘Faces of War’ from 1 to 2 June 2023. In this edition, the central themes of the event will be war and society.

This institute, which has been organising the conference since 2017, is cooperating with the Faculty of Philosophy and History, the Ministry of Education and Science, the headquarters of the State Archives and the Polish Historical Society’s branch in the city.

The organisers launch a call for papers from all those interested in presenting at the meeting. The proposed topics are war damage and reconstruction, migration and demographic losses, health effects of wars, the impact of wars on culture and art, cultural and religious conflicts, changes in social structures, the impact of wars on the army and the military, archaeological study of battlefields, and burials of conflict victims. The deadline for the submission of abstracts is 31 March 2023.

As for the speeches, they should be about 200 words and 15 minutes in length. Moreover, speakers may address the audience in Polish, English and Ukrainian.

Regarding attendance at the conference, registration for the event costs 400 Slotis, both for attending in person and virtually. However, it will also be possible to follow the event free of charge as a listener.

Besides, those interested in participating will be able to apply for one of the grants aimed at facilitating the participation of international researchers. These grants can be used to cover expenses such as registration to the event or accommodation at the University Training and Conference Centre. To obtain more information on these grants, please contact the organisers by email.