Montage elaborated by the Compostela Group of Universities with an image obtained from the IVEC 2023 conference website.

Registration can be made from April 11 to October 1 2023 through the IVEC 2023 website.

The São Paulo State University (UNESP) and the Brazilian Association for International Education (FAUBAI) are hosting the IV International Virtual Exchange Conference (IVEC) from October 30 to November 1 2023 in Sao Paulo. In coordinating this event, they collaborate with the member institutions and organizations of the International Consortium of Virtual Exchanges.

This conference is an international forum, combining online and face-to-face modalities, focused on technology, international education and new pedagogies. Educational leaders, faculty, and academic and pedagogical planning staff interested in these topics attend it each year.

Regarding the registration for the event, the educational community interested in attending can formalise their registration from 11 April to 1 October 2023 on the website of the IV International Virtual Exchange Conference. There, you will also find information about discounts depending on the type of attendance chosen or how far in advance you register. Moreover, there is a specific discount for students.

Virtual exchanges

On the conference website, the organisers explain that virtual exchanges are also known as Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL), globally networked learning or telecollaboration. These exchanges expand intercultural and transnational learning opportunities for students within curricula from school to university. Through co-developed and co-shared modules, they support the development of 21st-century workplace skills and provide opportunities for applied learning experiences.