The University of Worcester has created a special opportunity and pathway for graduates of CGU members (and final year students graduating in summer 2024) to apply for a place on its teacher training course at Worcester. The admissions process includes an online interview for students who meet the criteria and a place in on-campus accommodation is available.

The British Government offers a exciting opportunity for graduates to train as teachers of Physics, Spanish, German or French and receive a bursary and a relocation grant which together amount to a minimum of £35,000. This is enough to pay the tuition fees for the course and to cover most living and relocation expenses. This is an opportunity for graduates in Physics (and Physics and Mathematics) who wish to qualify to teach that subject, as well as for graduates in other disciplines who are interested in training to teach Spanish, French or German, provided that their degree has been taught and studied entirely in those languages.

According to a recent Ofsted (independent national inspectorate) report, the University of Worcester is one of the UK’s leading institutions for teacher education. The following conclusion is drawn from this report:

“Fellows benefit from an exceptional learning experience at the University of Worcester. This experience instills in them a deep-seated commitment to making a difference in the lives of children and young adults in the communities they serve. Principals pay great attention to transforming students into passionate teachers, determined to raise the aspirations of the pupils, students and learners they teach.”

Find out more on the University of Worcester website  or download the information leaflet.