Juan Francisco García Marín

Professor Juan Francisco García Marín holds a degree in Veterinary Sciences (1979) and a PhDin Veterinary Science (1983) by the University of Zaragoza (Spain). He is full professor in thearea of Animal Health and Veterinary Pathology at the Veterinary School of University of Leon(Spain).

He is the current Rector of the University of Leon since May 2016. Before, he served as Dean of the Veterinary School of the same university, from 2002 to 2010.

He has extensive research experience in the field of mycobacterial infection pathology, mainly in Paratuberculosis and Tuberculosis diseases, in ruminants and in retrovirus disease of ovine Maedi-Visna.

Prof. García Marín participated in 32 research projects open call, of which five belong to the European Union. He also has been the Director of 51 research and transfer companies agreements, nine related with of educational innovation and three of international cooperation. Moreover, he completed research stages in the Universities of Hannover (Germany), Glasgow (United Kingdom), Cornell and Ames (USA).

Likewise, he is author of more than 200 research papers, which 98 are in high impact indexed journal papers. Moreover, he has presented 42 plenary conferences by invitation in scientific meetings, and 385 communications and short presentations in national and international congresses.

In recent years, he has been a member of several scientific committees of the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Other Lung Diseases (1991-1999), the European Society of Veterinary Pathology, the European Union and the World Health Organization.