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Compostela Group of Universities

The CGU is the longest-stablished and the dean of the international global networks based in Spain. The group includes more than 60 universities from all over the world and stands out for its eagerness to cooperate in higher education and for its vocation for integration, science and inclusiveness.

In 2020, the group was recognised as a public entity for its transparency in management and its role in the improvement of higher education and dissemination of cultural heritage.

Types of membership
  • Full members: For those universities from any part of the world that so request, provided that they agree with the aims of the Group.
  • Associate members: For companies, publishers and other commercial entities that are interested in the university field and whose activity is related to the objectives of the Group.
  • Collaborative members: For institutions, associations, foundations, scientific complexes, etc. which have a connection with or are interested in higher education.
Annual fee

The annual fee for full membership and associate membership is €1800. Collaborators are regulated by agreement

How to become a member

In the following steps we describe the application process required for you to join the Compostela Group of Universities.


    The required information below should be sent by e-mail to

      Fill in one of the following forms depending on your membership level:
      Full membership
      Associate membership
      To become a collaborating member, please contact the Executive Secretary directly at

        Write a letter of motivation to the President with the concerns that inspire you to join the Compostela Group of Universities.

        Submit the following form with your entity’s information. It must be completed in English and Spanish.

        Information form

        Report and approval

        The President presents the candidature at the next meeting of the Executive Committee. If the report of the Executive Committee is favourable, the candidature is presented to the next meeting of the General Council of the General Assembly for its ratification by the members of this governing team.

        For further information, please consult the statutes or send an e-mail with your questions to