Jean Pierre Roose

At present the CGU’s delegate in Brussels, Jean Pierre Roose was for several years Head of the International Office at the Erasmus University College in Brussels (Belgium). Proficient in Dutch, French and English, he has a good knowledge of Spanish and Italian. Likewise, a significant experience in the field of International Relations:

  • Intercultural communication.
  • Curriculum development projects, for instance in Europe, Central Asia and the Republic of South Africa.
  • Partner/coordinator in EU programmes such as Tempus, Asia Urbs, Leonardo da Vinci, Socrates, Alfa, INTAS and Grundtvig.
  • Cooperation within projects of the Flemish Council of Universities.
  • Project coordination and management in all European countries and other, such as Russian Federation, Central Asia, Mongolia, South-East Asia, West Africa, South Africa, Middle East, FYROM, Ukraine, Byelorussia
  • Organization of seminars on innovative language learning (1978-1988), workshops on project management, workshop on quality assurance of internationalisation and international cooperation (EAIE), and lectures on intercultural communication.

Through Erasmus University College in Brussels, he was a member of the European Association for International Education (chair professional section International Relations Management in 2000 – 2016; board member/chair 2001–2004) and the VLHORA (Flemish Council of Polytechnics): different subcommittees, steering group internationalisation.