Photograph by fauxels obtained from Pexels.

Services staff from CGU and CONAHEC member universities can apply for more than 40 placement offers in nine countries.  

The Compostela Group of Universities (CGU) receives placement offers from twenty member universities and one from the Consortium for North American Higher Education Collaboration (CONAHEC) for the 2021 call of the Stella for Staff mobility programme.

These 21 universities submitted 48 placement offers, of which 35 are for in-person and 13 for virtual mobility. In this regard, there is a clear preference for in-person exchanges in higher education institutions in Europe, while in the Americas they mostly choose to move them to the virtual environment.

The universities participating in this first phase of the Stella for Staff programme are from Bolivia, Slovakia, Spain, Italy, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Mexico and the United Kingdom. Therefore, the services staff of the CGU and CONAHEC member universities can opt for carrying out mobility in nine different countries. Besides, they will have the opportunity to engage in exchanges in the areas of internationalisation, human resources, research, communication and marketing, teaching innovation, corporate social responsibility, cooperation or libraries, among other departments.

The Compostela Group of Universities started last week the publication of placement offers on the website of this programme and activated the electronic form for the submission of applications. However, applicants should note that new offers will be added throughout this week, as the network is awaiting confirmation of the drafts of some of. Moreover, only services staff of universities that have offered at least one placement is eligible for mobility.

Regarding the grants, they are awarded by the CGU in the framework of the Stella for Staff programme and reserved for service staff of its member universities. The budget for this call is 18,000 euros, an amount that will be distributed through the individual grants until it is exhausted. Besides, the financial endowment of these grants varies depending on the nature of the exchange. For in-person mobility, it is 1,000 euros each, while for virtual mobility it is 300 euros per grant.

Staff interested in submitting their applications, both for mobility and grants, have until 31 March 2021 (12:00 PM GMT – noon) to submit them using the application form. Periodically, the CGU Executive Secretariat office will review the applications received and notify if any additional documentation needs to be submitted.

Once this process has been completed, the Selection Committee will evaluate the applications and designate the beneficiaries of the mobility and grants. Soon, the Compostela Group of Universities will publish on its website the composition of this committee.