The president of the Mexican Association for International Education (AMPEI), César Eduardo Gutiérrez Jurado, and the president of the Compostela Group of Universities (CGU), Carla Martins, signed a collaboration agreement last January.

The purpose of this framework agreement is to establish the modalities of collaboration between AMPEI and the CGU for the development of common activities or programmes of action in the fields of science, culture and higher education, and to determine a procedure for the coordination, implementation and management of these activities or programmes by means of future specific agreements.

AMPEI is a non-profit civil association, founded in 1992, formed by individuals and institutions with 217 members in Mexico, the United States of America and Canada. Its objective is to promote in Mexico the inclusion of the international dimension in the training of people capable of performing effectively in a multicultural society in order to contribute to understanding, respect and tolerance in the world, by carrying out activities of educational exchange, research, analysis, dissemination, information and revalidation and accreditation studies, among others.