Design courtesy of Estudio Galego de Deseño.

The training and teaching innovation course on graphic design and infographics has a duration of one month and will be delivered online.  

The Compostela Group of Universities (CGU) has added to its training catalogue a course aimed at providing knowledge and skills related to graphic design to the research community of its network. The training is held monthly from March to July and the first call of the course is taught only in Spanish, while in subsequent calls groups may be open to take the course in English.

The aim of the training and teaching innovation course graphic design and infographics is to instruct the research community in the creation of graphic elements. These elements have become a vital tool for the dissemination of their work, as they often need to create infographics to present visually the results of their research or to design posters for the conferences they organise.

During this training, they acquire the knowledge and learn how to use the tools available to them to produce these graphic support materials for their work. In it, participants progress autonomously in their learning with the video tutorials and work on the development of their individual projects, with the support of the trainer Adolfo Ramonde. They can also attend live-streaming classes with him, to set out their doubts and queries about the syllabus or the use of the editing programmes. Subsequently, the recordings of these interactive classes will be available to those who could not participate in the course’s microweb.

Regarding the evaluation, to complete the course, students must pass the online tests for each training module and create a poster or a graphic set. Passing this will entitle them to obtain the Diploma of the training and teaching innovation course “Graphic design and infographics”, issued by the Compostela Group of Universities.

Those members of the research community interested in enrolling in this course can complete the electronic form available on the graphic design and infographics course page. After this step, the CGU Executive Secretariat will review their applications and inform them about the formation of the groups for the selected call, as well as the modalities for the payment of the tuition fee, which amounts to 150 euros.

Collaboration to provide technical skills to the university community

The Compostela Group of Universities and Estudio Galego de Deseño will cooperate throughout this year to assist the community of the international network in the acquisition of technical skills in the areas of graphic and web design.