Cover of The impact of COVID-19 on Higher Education publication. 

The Compostela Group of Universities (CGU) disseminates for free through its website The impact of COVID-19 on Higher Education publication, which aims to analyse the footprint of the current pandemic in the sphere of Higher Education.   

To this end, in the second quarter of 2020, the CGU disseminated a survey among the governing bodies and delegates in the 64 member universities of the international network. The inquiry questionnaire consisted of 55 questions grouped around four thematic blocks. The questions focused on the areas of economics, teaching and research, management and administration, and lessons learned in the initial months of the pandemic. Among other themes, these blocks addressed issues such as internationalisation, mobility, e-learning, teleworking and attention to students in vulnerable situations.

Finally, 48.44% of the CGU members collaborated in this survey, which sought to collect data to portray the reality of Higher Education institutions and to reflect on the lessons learned at the time.

The impact of COVID-19 on Higher Education can be consulted in the publications section of the Compostela Group of Universities website, and its content is available in English and Spanish. In addition to the results of the survey, the publication includes a summary of the interventions of the speakers at the VII Compostela Dialogues in Higher Education, organised by the University of Minho in the framework of the XXVI CGU General Assembly.