Photograph by Kampus Production obtained from Pexels in which the logo of the Stella Junior programme has been added.

Students from fourteen member institutions of the Compostela Group of Universities submit their applications for the 2023 call of the mobility programme.

The current edition of the Stella Junior programme of the Compostela Group of Universities (CGU) registers an increase of 100% with respect to the candidatures received in the previous one. Particularly, in 2023 the student body sent 64 applications compared to 32 in the previous edition.

The candidatures come from students from fourteen CGU member universities, based in six different countries. These institutions have campuses in the United Kingdom, Spain, the Czech Republic, Mexico, Peru and Poland.

Last year, students from ten member universities, located in four countries, took part in this second phase of the mobility programme. According to these figures, there was a 40 % increase in participating institutions and a 50 % in geographical variety in this call.

Regarding the review of the applications, the CGU Executive Secretariat completed the process in March and gave applicants ten working days to submit the required corrections and optional improvements. Once this process is completed, the dossier will be prepared for the selection committee, which will issue its decision between April and May 2023.