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Address: Jr. Alonso de Molina 1652 Monterrico Chico, Surco. Lima.
Country: Peru.
Phone: + 511 3177200.
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History and objectives

ESAN University is the first postgraduate academic institution in management created in the Spanish-speaking world. It was established on July 25, 1963, as the School of Business Administration for Graduates-ESAN, within the framework of an agreement between the governments of Peru and the United States and entrusted to the School of Business Administration of Stanford University, California.

Transformed into ESAN University since July 12, 2003 (Law No. 28021), it is a Peruvian, private, international, non-profit institution with academic and management autonomy. It offers master’s degrees in management, thirteen specialized master’s degrees, nine undergraduate careers, as well as specialization programs for executives, research, consulting, and other academic and professional services.

The mission of the ESAN University is to offer a higher humanistic, scientific, and business education that contributes to the integral development of the person, the well-being of society and the formation of responsible leaders and professionals; capable of responding to the demands of a globalized environment, and of actively participating in the creation of an equitable and just society, within the framework of the principles of freedom and democracy.

Likewise, it promotes and carries out activities that favor research aimed at consolidating spaces for intellectual and artistic creation in the university community.

The vision of the University is to be a leading institution in the world, internationally recognized for its innovative nature-based on scientific and applied research.

Governing bodies

The government of the ESAN University corresponds to its organs and authorities, which are: the General Assembly, the University Council, the rector, and the academic vice-rector, the Faculty councils, and the deans.

Academic calendar


Classes start twice a year:

  • First semester (March – July).
  • Second semester (August – December).


Exchange students (Spanish Program):

  • Period 1: September to December.
  • Period 2: January to April.
  • Period 3: April to July.

Double degree program:

  • MBA (in Spanish). Period: October to July.


Our campus located in Monterrico, Surco, is located in a central and residential area of Lima, offering our students more than 60,000 square meters equipped with the most modern technology, as well as large green areas for sports and recreation.

We have the Learning Commons, which has areas of study, learning, and collaborative research, in which our students can access our physical and digital collections, specialized in the fields of administration, economics, finance, marketing, engineering, among other topics. We have more than 17,000 copies available that you can consult. Likewise, we have a Convention & Sports Center where our students can carry out sports and artistic activities.

We also have the Fab Lab ESAN, a modern digital manufacturing laboratory, which is part of the prestigious global innovation network Fab Lab Network of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The Fab Lab ESAN laboratory has been recognized as a Center for Scientific Research, Technological Development and Technological Innovation (R + D + i) by the National Council of Sciences and Technology (CONCYTEC), becoming the first digital manufacturing laboratory in Peru with this certification.

Finally, we have our Innova ESAN incubator dedicated to the strengthening, validation, and development of innovative, sustainable, and scalable business models, which are aimed at caring for the environment, renewing natural resources, developing clean energy, improving the quality of life of vulnerable populations, technology, among others.

Academic departments

ESAN University has the following academic departments:

  • Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences.
  • Faculty of Engineering.
  • Faculty of Law and Social Sciences.
  • Graduate Business School.

International programmes

ESAN University offers its undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to study abroad.

In the case of undergraduate, students can take exchanges, double degrees and short programs at partner universities. At the postgraduate level, there are international specialization and master’s programs.

Additionally, ESAN University offers its students the opportunity to live an international experience on campus, offering international programs, in which the students have the opportunity to interact with students from foreign partner universities.

Academic programmes


ESAN University has 3 faculties and 11 undergraduate degrees offered. 

Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences

  • Administración Management and Marketing.
  • Management and finance.
  • Economics and International Business.
  • Administration with a major in Business Management (DPA).

Faculty of Engineering

  • Information Technology and Systems Engineering.
  • Industrial and Commercial Engineering.
  • Environmental Management Engineering.
    Systems Engineering (DPA).

Faculty of Law and Social Sciences

  • Organizational psychology
  • Consumer psychology
  • Corporate Law.


In the postgraduate, we have the following programs.

Master in Business Administration – MBA.

Functional areas of the company

  • Master in Information Technology Management.
  • Master of Finance.
  • Master of Finance and Corporate Law.
  • Master in Marketing.
  • Master in Organization and People Management Human Resources.
  • Master in Supply Chain Management.
  • Master in Project Management.

Economics sectors

  • Master in Agribusiness Administration.
  • Master in Health Services Management.
  • Master in Energy Management.
  • Master in Management and Real Estate Development.
  • Master in Public Management.

Executive education

We provide courses in the following areas: Management; Accounting, Finance and Economy; Marketing Business Processes and Logistics and Information Technology.