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Street: Szántó K.J. u.1/b
Postcode: 7633
City: Pécs
Country: Hungary
Phone: +36 72 501 509
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History and Objectives

The modern University of Pécs, founded on January 1, 2000 through the merger of Janus Pannonius University, the Medical University of Pécs and the Illyés Gyula Teacher Training College of Szekszárd, is committed to endorsing and popularising the idea of lifelong education. With its ten faculties the university offers a broad range of training and degree programs that are aimed at training well-qualified experts with a wide intellectual horizon, ranging from higher educational professional training programs to undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral degree programs. Our primary goal is to ensure high-level teaching and research, but ample emphasis is also given to programs unique in Hungarian higher education (such as The Dancing University or The Open University) that provide an opportunity to our teachers, staff, present and former students to develop their knowledge and education extensively as well as strengthen their ties to the university.

Governing Team

Rector and the Senate.


Campus of Pécs.

International Programmes

  • Co-operation with Central and East European Universities
  • partnership agreements with Eastern Europe
  • Erasmus
  • Leonardo


The beginning of the fall semester is always the week on which September’s first Monday falls. The fall break is always on the week of 23 October. The beginning of the spring semester is always the week on which February’s first Monday falls. The spring break is the week before Easter.


  • Adult Education and Human Recourses Development
  • Business and Economics
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Health Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Law and European Studies
  • Natural Sciences
  • Music and Visual Arts
  • Medicine


General Medicine (German Language Programme)
Degree: Doctor of General Medicine (M.D.)
Length of course: 6 years.

Psychology Bachelor in English
Degree: B.Sc. Honours Psychology
Length of course: 3 years.

Kindergarten Teacher of German
Nationality Groups
Degree: B.Ed. of Kindergarten Teacher
Length of course: 3 years.

Business Administration
Degree: BA (Hons) Business Administration Programme
Length of course: 3 years.

International Business Management
Degree: M.Sc. (Hons) International business
Management Programme
Length of course: 2 years.

PhD Programme in Business
The program consists of two parts: the period of organized study (consists of three semesters) and the independent research phase supported by the guidance of an experienced faculty consultant.

Degree: MA in Music
Length of course: 2 yearsMA courses are available in vocal and instrumental subjects (violin, flute, solo voice).

MA courses are available in:
Sculptural ceramics
Stone sculpture
Sculpture and environment.

Doctor of Liberal Arts (DLA) Programme
This three-year postgraduate programme provides the students with high-level training and independent creative research of the chosen field of art. Students can choose from among the following fields: metal sculpture, stone sculpture, painting, ceramic sculpture.

Degree: M.Sc. degree in Architecture
Length of course: 5 years
Degree: DLA degree in Architecture
Length of course: 3 years.

Civil Engineering
Degree: M.Sc. Degree Programme in Civil Engineering
Length of course: 3 years.

Hungarian Language Programmes
Semester-long and intensive Hungarian Language programmes are available at the International Studies
Center (Faculty of Adult Education and Human Recourses Development) and at the Faculty of Humanities.