Compostela Group of Universities Chair 2024

The purpose of the Compostela Group of Universities Chair is to promote the internationalisation, mobility and exchange of faculty members and researchers, through an annual call for a visiting lecturer position at a member university.

For the current edition, the Compostela Group of Universities counts on the collaboration of CETYS University, which acts as a host and support entity for the academic promotion and financing of the mobility.

This section has detailed information on the third edition of the activity, so please read it carefully if you wish to apply.

In the upper left corner, on a red block, Cátedra Grupo Chair Compostela Group of Universities-CETYS Chair 2023 appears. In the upper right corner, on a white block, the logos of CETYS University and the Compostela Group of Universities are shown. The central part of the image is occupied by an electric blue world map with circular waves orbiting over it. The world map is set against a light blue background. In the lower central part, the 2023 call is highlighted on a red button.


Promote the internationalisation, mobility and exchange of faculty members and researchers

Strengthen collaboration ties between the CGU, its members and CETYS University

Promote cooperation in all fields of knowledge in Higher Education

Target group and requirements

Faculty and research staff who meet the following requirements are eligible to apply:

1. Having a stable and current employment relationship with a CGU member university.

2. Having a career path linked with one or more of the areas of knowledge of the College of Social Sciences and Humanities of the host entity:

    • International law.
    • International arbitration.
    • Legal framework for international trade.
    • Constitutional law and human rights.
    • Energy law.
    • Computer law.

More information about these areas and the College of Social Sciences and Humanities at the website of CETYS University.


  • 26 March 2024. The submission of applications opens.
  • 3 May 2024 (12:00 PM – noon. Mainland Spain time zone). DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION OF APPLICATIONS EXTENDED TO 17 MAY 2024.
  • June 2024. Publication of the resolution for the call. THE RESOLUTION IS RELEASED THE FIRST WEEK OF JULY 2024.
  • From July to November 2024. Eligible period of participation.
  • December 2024. Justification and end of activity period.

Duration and period of mobility

The eligible period of participation is from July to November 2024 and the duration of the mobility is 15 calendar days. Moreover, possible additional activities will be carried out virtually both before and/or after the stay at CETYS University.

Work programme

The work programme may include:

  • Teaching and undergraduate/graduate and post-graduate courses.
  • Participating in conferences and seminars.
  • Carrying out research work.
  • Promoting inter-university relations.

Places and funding

The Compostela Group of Universities Chair offers a single place at the College of Social Sciences and Humanities of CETYS University (Mexico).

The mobility is founded by CETYS University with 6,000 US dollars ($US), which includes $1,000 gross as an honorarium for the beneficiary and a maximum of $5,000 in kind, to cover travel, accommodation and living expenses at the destination.

Submission of candidacies

      Selection committee and resolution

      Teaching and research staff wishing to submit a candidacy must complete online and in English the application form.

      The following documents must be attached to the application:

      • Certificate or official document proving that the applicant is part of the workforce in any of the CGU member universities in the year 2024.
      • Copy of national identity card or passport.
      • Work programme (500 words maximum, spaces excluded) with a proposal of topics on which the applicant could research and teach, as well as the internationalisation opportunities (projects, links, contacts, etc.) the mobility would offer for the host university.
      • Certificate or diploma of proficiency in Spanish or English, when these are not the applicant’s mother tongue.
      • Responsible declaration of truthfulness, according to the model:

      Declaration of responsibility chair CGU CETYS.

      Declaration of responsibility chair CGU CETYS.

      In addition, the applicant will be asked to attach documentation accrediting merits in research, teaching and management, so it is recommended to carefully read the full terms and conditions of the call:

      Guidelines Compostela Group of Universities 2024.

      Extention of the deadline for submission of applications.


      The selection committee will be composed of two experts in the area of knowledge chosen by each institution, one representative of CETYS University and one representative of the CGU.

      Both the composition of the selection committee and the resolution of the call will be published here.

        Resolution of the Compostela Group of Universities-CETYS Chair 2024.