Measuring and Comparing Achievements of Learning Outcomes in Higher Education in Europe Extension (CalohEx)

The project builds on the experience and results of the TUNING – CALOHEE project. The results of the project aim to strengthen the position of the European and national higher education sector and the degree programmes offered, showing what is actually learned. This involves developing reference frameworks for Bachelor and Master qualifications and more detailed frameworks for subject specialists that provide clear indicators for the design and implementation of Bachelor programmes and show that the intended learning is relevant to society.

CalohEx will be extended until September 2023 due to the constraints faced because of the COVID-19.


  • Develop a qualifications reference framework for the 1st and 2nd cycle (Bachelor and Master).
  • Develop an assessment reference framework for the 1st and 2nd cycle (Bachelor and Master).
  • Adapt the frameworks to existing qualifications.


  • The individual’s personal development by acquiring knowledge.
  • Preparation for finding a job that matches what has been learnt.
  • Preparation for a role in society.


  • Business Administration.
  • Information Engineering/ICT.
  • International Relations.
  • Medicine.
  • Performing and Fine Arts.


Each group, international in character, consists of fourteen senior officials/academics and one student to develop conceptual frameworks that can shape the direction of the academic programmes.

The thematic areas will be based on Tuning educational work in Europe or tasks related to Tuning in the past.