Cadiz University

Street: Calle Ancha, 16
Postcode: 11001
City: Cadiz
Country: Spain
Phone: +34 (956) 015 027/85
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History and objectives

The University of Cadiz is a public university which has its roots in the Faculty of Medicine which developed from the Royal Naval College of Surgery, established in 1748. Founded on the 30th October 1979, the University of Cadiz is a growing institution, closely interwoven with the economic and social fabric of the surrounding area. It is situated in the southern-most province of Spain, with shores bathed by the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. The University has more than 18000 students, 15 centres and 45 departments, staffed by over 1500 lectures who teach on a total of 63 degree programmes and 22 doctorate courses. 162 groups participate in research, development and innovation programmes, many of a recognised level of excellence in the areas of Humanities, Social Sciences, Pure and Applied Sciences, Engineering and Health Sciences. The international vocation of the University of Cadiz towards Europe, North Africa and Latin America can be seen in its past activities and the strategic plans for the future, defining itself as a welcoming university in an environment open to the dialogue between cultures. The University of Cadiz has outstanding libraries, rated among the best in the country and with the seal of quality of the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency (ANECA), and offers services which include courses provided by the Modern Languages Centre, an intensive programme of cultural events throughout the year, a wide range of sports and the opportunity of participating in solidarity and volunteer activities.

Governing Team

  • Social Council.
  • Administration Council.
    • Rector.
    • General Secretary.
    • Management Director.
    • Deans of Faculties.
    • 6 Vice-Rectors.


The University has four Campuses:

  • Cadiz.
  • Puerto Real.
  • Jerez.
  • Algeciras.

International Programmes

  • Socrates-Erasmus.
  • Alban.
  • Leonardo.
  • Comenius.
  • Tempus.
  • Erasmus Mundus.
  • EU-USA Programmes.
  • MAE.
  • PIMA – Mobility Programme of Academic Exchange.
  • AECI – Spanish Agency of Interuniversity Cooperation.
  • Universia Network.
  • CGU Network.
  • Member of EUA.


Campus of Cadiz

Faculty of Business and Economics
  • Degree in Business Administration and Management.
  • Diploma in Business Studies.
  • Masters programmes in: International Management in Business and Social Economics; Social Economics and Local Development; Auditing.
  • Doctorate programmes in European Economics and Monetary Integration, and in Economics and Business Management.
Faculty of Labour Sciences
  • Degree in Labour Relations.
  • Diploma in Labour Sciences.
  • Doctorate programme in Labour Sciences.
Faculty of Medicine
  • Degree in Medicine.
  • Doctorate programme in Advances in Internal Medicine and Dermatology.
Faculty of Philosophy and Arts
  • Degrees in: Arabic, Classics, English Language and Literature, French Language and Literature, History, Humanities, Linguistics, Spanish Language and Literature.
  • Doctorate programmes in Hispanic Studies (History, Literature, Art, Thought and Language); Historical Societies of Cadiz in the framework of the Circle of the Straits of Gibraltar and the Mediterranean: from Prehistory to the Middle Ages; English Literary Studies (16th and 17th Centuries); Philological Research; Spanish Language and Literature; Linguistics and Communication: Theory and Applications; Spanish and English Linguistic Studies; Gender, Identity and Citizenship.
University School of Engineering
  • Technical Engineer in Computer Management.
  • Technical Engineer in Information Systems.
  • Industrial Technical Engineer specialised in: Electricity; Electronics; Industrial Electricity and Electronics; Mechanics.
  • Engineer specialised in Industrial Organisation.
  • Doctorate programmes in Manufacture Engineering and in Engineering in Automatics and Industrial Electronics, Computer Engineering and Systems.
University School of Nursing and Physiotherapy
  • Diploma in Nursing.
  • Diploma in Physiotherapy.

Campus of Puerto Real

Faculty of Education Sciences
  • Diploma in Primary School Teacher Specialised in: Hearing and Language, Special Education, Physical Education, Infant Education, Musical Education, Primary Education, Foreign Language Teaching.
  • Degree in PsychoPedagogy.
  • Double Diploma in Infant Education and Foreign Language Teaching.
  • Doctorate programmes in: Didactics of Language and Literature; Education, Democracy and Changing Times; Evaluation, Improvement and Quality in Higher Education.
Faculty of Nautical Sciences
  • Diplomas in Marine Navigation; Marine Engineering; Marine Radioelectronics.
  • Degrees in: Shipping and Sea Transport; Marine Engineering; Marine Radioelectronics.
  • Masters programmes in Nautical Sciences and in Marine Engineering.
Faculty of Science
  • Degrees in: Mathematics; Chemistry; Chemical Engineering; Enology.
  • Doctorate programmes in: Chemical Sciences and Technologies; Enology; Mathematics; Astronomy, Geodesics and Geophysics; Data Analysis and Modelization.
Faculty of Sea and Environmental Sciences
  • Degrees in: Environmental Sciences; Marine Sciences.
  • Double degree in Marine and Environmental Sciences.
  • Erasmus Mundus Joint European Master in Water and Coastal Management.
  • Doctorate programmes in: Marine Sciences; Environmental Science and Technology.
University School of Naval Engineering
  • Technical Naval Engineer Specialised in: Marine Structures; Propulsion and Vessel Services.

Campus of Jerez

Faculty of Law
  • Degree in Law.
  • Degree in Law and Diploma in Business Studies.
  • Doctorate programme in Criminal Law of the Company.
Faculty of Social Sciences and Communication
  • Diplomas in: Business Studies, Public Administration and Management; Tourism.
  • Degree in Publicity and Public Relations.
  • Double diploma in Tourism and Business Studies.

Campus of Algeciras

University School of Nursing
  • Degree in Nursing.
University Technical College
  • Industrial Engineer.
  • Industrial Technical Engineer Specialised in: Electricity; Industrial Electronics; Mechanics; Industrial Chemistry.
  • Technical Engineer in: Civil Construction; Hydrology; Transport and Urban Services.
  • Double degree: Technical Engineer specialised in Industrial Electronics and Electricity.
  • Doctorate programme in Industrial Engineering.

Visiting Students Programme

The University of Cadiz offers a programme to suit the needs of those people who would like to study one or more subjects in the university without being registered on a particular degree course. Students register as Visiting Students and receive an official academic certificate (expressed in ECTS grading scales) of the subjects studied.