Technological Institute of Santo Domingo

Street: Avenida de Los Próceres, Los Jardines del Norte 10602
Postcode: 342-9 and 249-2
City: Santo Domingo
Country: Dominican Republic
Phone: +1 809-567-9271
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Governing Team

  • The Board of Directors: the highest authority and legal administrator of its patrimony. It is made up of fifteen members, including the President, university alumni and prominent national figures.
  • The Rectory: INTEC’s highest executive authority, headed by the Chancellor.
  • The Academic Council: the unit in charge of planning academic policy in accordance with the directives of the Board of Directors. Its members are the Chancellor, who chairs it, the Vice-Chancellors, the School Deans and the Division Deans.


  • Santo Domingo

International Programmes

2+2 Programmes in the areas of Aerospace Engineering, Biology, Bioengineering, Engineering…

History and Objectives

INTEC was founded in 1971 by a group of Dominican univeresity professors who made the decisión of creating a “small institution mainly aimed at offering postgraduate courses in non-traditional areas, continuing education programmes, executive studies and research”.

INTEC currently has around five thousand students, 80% at bachelor level and 20% at graduate level. Recent studies have found INTEC to be the Dominican university with the highest level of academic efficiency, measured by the fact that a high number of its students graduate on time. In its 34 years, INTEC has graduated 16,931 students.

The University’s mission is preparing professionals that are internationally competitive, with critical and creative judgment, social responsibility, with the capacities to contribute to the necessary transformations of the Dominican society, and contribute to the country’s scientific-technological competitiveness, through teaching, research and extension.


  • Medicine
  • Mathematics
  • Psychology
  • Social Work
  • Degree in Humanities and Philosophy (Guaranteed by the Pedro Francisco Bonó
  • Center for Philosophy Studies)
  • Civil Engineering degree
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering and Communications
  • Systems Engineering degree
  • Industrial Design
  • Degree in Business Administration
  • Degree in Accountancy
  • Degree in Marketing
  • Degree in Economics
  • Masters in Bio-ethics
  • Masters in Integrated Adolescent Health
  • Specialty in Health and Social Security management
  • Specialty in Clinical Nutrition
  • Specialty/Masters in Mathematics
  • Specialty in Environmental Education
  • Masters in Gender and Development
  • Masters in Sustainable Human Development
  • Masters in Teaching Social Sciences
  • Masters in Family and Systems Therapy
  • Specialty in Early Education
  • Master in Education
  • Specialty in Educational Centers Administration
  • Specialty and Masters in Applied Linguistics
  • Specialty in Social Pedagogy
  • Specialty in Language Teaching and Mathematics in the First Cycle of Basic Education
  • Masters in Humanistic Studies
  • Masters in Environmental Sciences
  • Specialty in Transport
  • Specialty in Industrial Engineering
  • Specialty in Information Technology
  • Masters in Building Administration Sciences
  • Masters in Structural Engineering
  • Masters in Sanitation and Environmental Engineering
  • Masters in Data Telecommunications
  • Masters in Labor Risks
  • Specialty and Masters in Administration and Human Resources
  • Specialty and Masters in Corporate Finance
  • Specialty and Masters in International Trade and International Economics
  • Specialty and Masters in Taxation Management
  • Specialty and Masters in Quality and Productivity Management
  • Masters in Upper Management
  • Masters in Marketing