Stella for Staff

Services Staff Mobility Programme

The Stella for Staff mobility programme facilitates professional and intercontinental mobility for services staff of CGU and CONAHEC member universities. An opportunity to learn how they work in the different departments of the universities participating in the programme and to live a multicultural experience, through temporary stays in other Higher Education institutions of the network and CONAHEC.

In 2002, the Stella for Staff programme was born as an initiative to offer administrative staff the same opportunities available to students and administrative staff at that time. Since that year, the Compostela Group of Universities launches an annual call for grants for professional placements at CGU and CONAHEC member universities. These grants are intended solely for services staff of the CGU member universities.

Below you can see all the information concerning the Stella for Staff 2021 call.

Stella for Staff 2021

Stella for Staff is structured in a single annual call, and only intercontinental mobility will be admitted.

Documents and links

 Guidelines Stella for Staff 2021

Placement offer form. This form must be compulsorily filled in online and in English for the offer to be accepted.

Application form. It will be available after the publication of the placement offers.

Note that only services staff from Universities that have offered at least one placement will enter in the selection process for mobility and grants.

All documents detailed in the guidelines are available in Word format and have been sent to the delegates of the Compostela Group of Universities in each member university

Declaration of responsibility 2021


  Declaration of responsibility 2021

Stella for Staff certificate (sent to CGU delegates in each member university).

 Agreement mobility period 2021

 Final report host department 2021

 Personal final report 2021

Important deadlines

Deadline for submission of placement offers – 4 February 2021 (12:00 PM GMT – noon).

Deadline for submission of applications – 31 March 2021 (12:00 PM GMT – noon).

Informative guides

Guide placement offer form 2021

Guide final report host department 2021

Guide personal final report 2021

Experiences of participants and universities

Quotes from participants and universities

By individuals

“The STELLA for Staff programme helped me to improve my professional technical skills”

Bruno Raimondo of University Kore di Enna (Italy)

“I’d like to repeat the experience since I think that it is the best way to promote the understanding among universities”

Vera Redrupova of Masaryk University, Brno (Czech Republic)

“It’s a really enriching experience. Apart from learning how universities of far away countries manage departments similar than yours, the cultural exchange contributes to find new links for collaborations and relationships…I’m very happy to participate in this programme”

Rosa Ana Rojas of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (Peru)

“An excellent way to exchange information and establish new links”

Fredik Carlén, Karlstad University (Sweden)

“I believe the mobility programme to be highly positive, as it allows service staff to get to know the reality of management in other universities and exchange professional experiences by providing know-how  on our work areas”

Francisco Colomer of University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain)

By universities

“These training opportunities help our staff to improve their professional and also personal skills”

University of Malta (Malta)

“Number of grants should be even more!”

University of Hamburg (Germany)

“STELLA for Staff is the best pilot programme that the Erasmus non-academic staff mobility project has ever had’”

University of Cadiz (Spain)

“STELLA for Staff enriches our staff culture and opens up new points of view and opportunities to improve our daily work”

University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain)

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