The Chair of Saint James Way and Pilgrimages of the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) announces the III edition of its awards for final master’s projects and research.

Those researchers who have defended a doctoral thesis or published work in book format during 2019, being the subject of study this pilgrimage route or another one, can apply for the III Research Award on Saint James Way and Pilgrimages. These works may be submitted in any language, but in the case of using a language that is not an official language of the USC, they must be accompanied by a 5,000-word abstract in Spanish or English. The deadline for submitting applications will be sixty calendar days after the publication of the call for papers on the USC electronic board.

In this call, the Chair will award a single economic prize of 1,000 euros for books published with an ISBN and unpublished doctoral theses, together with a diploma. If the jury of the award decides to select several winners, the amount will be divided equally among them.

III Prize for Final Degree and Master projects

The Chair of Saint James Way and Pilgrimages also opens the period for the submission of candidacies for the III Prize for Final Degree (TFG in Spanish) and Final Master (TFM in Spanish) projects. Those students interested in participating can submit their applications until 30th September 2020.

Students who, during the 2019-2020 academic year, have defended a TFM or TFG whose subject of study is Saint James Way and Pilgrimages may apply for this award. Besides, they must have obtained the highest academic qualification from the respective commissions. As in the previous call, the papers must be presented with an abstract of 5,000 words in Spanish or English, if the language of the work is different from the official ones at the USC.

The winner will receive a single economic prize of 500 euros and a diploma.