On the left, logo of the Compostela Group of Universities. On the right, logo of CETYS University, Mexico.

On 31 May 2022 the Compostela Group of Universities announced the beneficiary of the CGU-CETYS Chair and their substitutes. The evaluation process of the applications was carried out online on 24 and 30 May by the Selection Committee convened for this purpose.

In the first edition of this mobility chair, applications were received from Spain and Peru: University of País Vasco, University of Rey Juan Carlos, University of León, University de Santiago de Compostela, University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and University of Lima.

The assessment of the candidates took into account their research work, experience in university teaching and academic management over the last seven years. In addition, the proposed work programme to be carried out at CETYS University and its internationalisation profile were also evaluated.

Information about the chair and its resolution can be found at this link.