The consortium of CALOHEx project, in which the Compostela Group of Universities is integrated, launches a call to cooperate in its feasibility study. One of the main goals of this study is to determine if students are prepared for their role in society after graduation, while also meeting the academic standards associated with their area of specialisation.

CALOHEx project, coordinated by the International Tuning Academy, focuses on five subject areas: Business Administration, Information Engineering/ICT, International Relations, Medicine and Performing and Fine Arts. For each subject area, a working group composed of 14 senior academics and one student will be constituted. These groups will begin by updating the previous work developed as part of the Tuning Educational Structures in Europe and other projects of this International Higher Education and Research Centre. Then, this will be the next steps to take:

  1. Develop a Tuning-CALOHEx qualifications reference framework for the first and second cycle (bachelor and master).
  2. Develop a related assessment reference framework for the first and second cycle.
  3. Match the frameworks with existing degree programmes.

Besides, a special group of experts will develop an assessment reference framework for Civil, Social and Cultural Engagement.

Requirements to participate

To participate in this study each expert will need to attend three working group meetings over the 2020-2022 period. Travel and subsistence costs for all selected participants related to the assistance to these meetings will be covered by CALOHEx project.

As the working language of this study is English, participants are required to have a proficient level of this language.

Selection process

CALOHEx Advisory Board will evaluate the applications submitted and select the participants. In this selection process, the Advisory Board will prioritise the diversity of the institutions represented, as well as the mix of institutional profiles and approaches towards education and learning. For this reason, each university can only participate in one subject area.

Deadline and application form

Academics interested in taking part in the project must fill in the application form and send it back by email to by 31st March 2020. These application forms must be signed by an authorized representative from their home institution.

CALOHEx Application Form