The jury of the IX International video contest of the CGU awards the audio-visual creations of students from the universities of Coruña and Anáhuac Xalapa. 

The members of the jury of the IX International video contest of the Compostela Group of Universities opted to award the first prize to the student of Law and Economics from the University of A Coruña Sandra Barreiro Cabanas. The video In Erasmus together, everything is better, reflects how her experience in the Erasmus programme was affected by COVID-19 and this helped her to develop closer ties with her fellow residents, who were in the same situation.

In their assessment of the video, the jury highlighted its technical quality and the use of the stop-motion technique. They also valued the balance between “the values of the Erasmus Programme and the international uncertainty surrounding COVID-19”.

Regarding the second prize, it was conferred to a group of students from Anáhuac Xalapa University. These students are Brandon Alberto Lopez Osorio, Samantha Priscyla Lopez Osorio, María Paula Peláez Cárdenas and Luz Irene Méndez Hernández. The goal that they were reaching with their video School is a feeling was to communicate how teaching models have changed in these extraordinary circumstances, which has had a positive impact on people, awakening their desire to learn and be better for overcoming frustration.

The jury underlined the positive approach of this story about “how the feelings of people evolve when facing this situation”.