A group of students from Anahuac Xalapa University and a researcher from the University of Vigo won the first prizes of VIII International Video and III Research Pitches Contests of the Compostela Group of Universities.

Through a resolution published on 26 April, the Compostela Group of Universities made public the decision of the Jury to award the first prize of the VIII International Video Contest to the video ‘What I have learned’, made by a group of students from Anahuac Xalapa University (Mexico). This video aims to show women’s perspective regarding the values learnt in university education.

The second prize of this competition went to Elephant’s room, a group formed by students from Jaume I University (Spain), for their video ‘The Route’. With their short-film, the group wanted to express the numerous experiences offered by the Camino de Santiago to pilgrims.

III Research Pitches Contest

This year, the first prize of the III Research Pitches contest was granted to the researcher of the University of Vigo (Spain) Mercedes Martínez Lorenzo for ‘Media accessibility in Galicia‘. By participating in the contest, she wanted to “give visibility to the lack of quantity and quality of media accessibility for people with a sensory disability in Galicia”. In her pitch, viewers briefly experience why a deaf or hard-of-hearing person is unable to access media. At the end, Martínez explains why providing an equal access to all is fundamental to society and academia, and how this can be achieved.

As for the second prize, it was awarded to the researcher Claudia Margarita Fernández Rivera from the University of Guadalajara (Mexico). In her pitch ‘Virtual reality as a tool for designing inclusive physical environments’, she details her inclusive design research and illustrates how it can help provide better physical environments for communities.

Moreover, the third prize went to the pitch ‘Solar enhanced oil recovery’, presented by the researcher Miguel Frasquet Herraiz from University of Seville (Spain). In his research, he is studying the use of concentrating solar energy to produce the steam needed, replacing the use of fossil fuels in this type of processes.