The Compostela Group of Universities unveiled in its XXVI General Assembly the main conclusions of the report The impact of COVID-19 on university education, which was drawn up based on the results of a survey addressed to the governing bodies of the network’s member institutions.

The member of the Executive Committee of the Compostela Group of Universities (CGU), Carla Martins, presented last Tuesday the results and main conclusions drawn from the survey disseminated among the 64 institutions affiliated to the network to measure the impact of the coronavirus on them, during the VII Compostela Dialogues in Higher Education.

The objectives of this inquiry were to know the impact of the pandemic among our members, to discover its effect on the education system and to learn from the experience to face the future effectively. It was sent to the governing bodies and delegates of the CGU in the 64 member universities of the network.

Based on their responses, it can be concluded that all universities have implemented educational and economic measures in an attempt to address the impact of the pandemic on their university communities. They also state that there is still a need for further measures to continue on this path, as in their opinion the coronavirus has brought to light weaknesses and new challenges for universities and education systems.

Soon, the report The impact of COVID-19 on university education will be available on our website.