The Higher Education Institutions as Key Actors in the Internationalization of Cities.

Submission of candidacies

Candidacies for the Presidency and Executive Committee shall be presented using the template provided by the Executive Secretariat office and sent by 12th January 2019. Besides candidates must provide a letter of support, a memorandum with a four-year programme of activities and a CV for the candidate and proposed members for the Executive Committee. Note that membership on the Executive Committee is personal rather than institutional, though members must have the support of their home universities.

The submitted candidacies and the preliminary agenda of the General Council meeting where the elections day will take place shall be officially made public on 4th February 2019.

Voting rights

The General Council, composed of the representatives of full member of the Compostela Group of Universities, will elect the President and Executive Committee. Only the highest representative of the CGU full member universities in person (Rectors, Presidents, or equivalent) can vote. In case that this person cannot attend, s/he may delegate her/his vote by using the form sent to member universities by the Executive Secretariat office. This form must be submitted by 30th April 2019.

The announcement of the definitive agenda for the General Council meeting, including the Elections day, shall be made public on 16th May 2019.

Election day

The elections day will take place on 3rd June 2019 in the next General Council meeting, which will be held in the framework of the XXV General Assembly of the Compostela Group of Universities, held at the University of Guadalajara (Mexico).